With all my attention to scientific evidence and the physiologic processes of birth, I find the transformative and spiritual aspects of birth to be my source of inspiration. Birth transforms our social roles - a woman becomes a mother, a man becomes a father, mothers and fathers become grandparents and so on. For the birthing mother, the transformation that takes place can go far deeper than she knew was possible. Fathers and partners who are tuned-in and committed to this process are changed forever. What exactly happens to cause this shift cannot be boxed in one explanation. All of us hold a key piece to this mystery. For me, the rite of passage we walk through in birth manifests as a birth portal.

A portal is a threshold or passageway. The sacred, mysterious portal one goes through in birth and death, must be experienced to be understood. When a woman gives birth, she becomes the passageway to life. This is what I felt when giving birth to my daughters. When I support a woman in labor, it is awe-inspiring being present when she transforms before my very eyes and becomes the conduit, the portal to life. Vital energy is teeming through her, pulsating and she is alive, superhuman and extra-ordinary! In the aftermath, she is forever changed for having the portal manifest through her. As am I, for having been by her side.

Here is a brief excerpt of a birth story I wrote for a birthing mother I assisted at her beautiful and fast home birth:

"We were all witnesses to this awe-inspiring rite of passage that (the mother) had just walked through. She was resolute, wise, yielding, confident, and strong throughout this process and here she was, just barely on the other side of it, still wind-blown and not fully touching this earth - holding her 9 pound baby girl radiating her light, pride, joy and inner peace. This is who Grace met as her mother. This glowing warrior birthing goddess. This self-confident, powerful, compassionate woman who chose to go to her end, touch it and make it back. Transformed. Transforming us. Could there be a better gift from a mother to a daughter than to become the radiant, loving, confident woman you hope she will be someday? These are the gifts this mother and daughter exchanged today."

Finally, as a portal is a gateway to another place, my work and this website is intended to act as this. May it lead you to what you are looking for and beyond!