The Phoenix Heart ARISE™  workshops are based on my 20 years experience and training in Western medicine and my 17 years of learning from women in childbirth, post-birth, loss, trauma and surgery.  All of my classes and work integrate science, the sacred, focused action, intuition, practical application and inspiration - all presented to uplift and help create much-needed balance within and on this planet.  Please be assured that in all of these classes, we will remain clothed, respectfully boundaried, and encourage each person to exercise informed consent/refusal as to how they participate.  We honor diversity while strengthening our connection to each other.

Phoenix Heart ARISE™  Step by Step workshop

This deeply healing workshop integrates easy yoga poses and affirmations with the powerful ARISE Step by Step healing visualization.  This visualization is a guided journey to help you burn the parts of your story/experiences that no longer serve you so you can emerge transformed.  We call upon the feminine Phoenix medicine of birth-death-rebirth to help us with this gentle yet powerful journey.  April will guide you through the visualization, poses and each of the ARISE steps: 

A- Align, Awareness 
  R- Release and Burn
    I-  Invite Love and Light In
     S-  Sow Seeds
       E– Emerge Transformed

Afterward, we celebrate our transformation by ceremoniously making a wish and blowing out a re-birthday candle!

Friday, October 13th, 6-8:30pm, $44, Aditi Yoga Studio (4206 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103) - 26 spots


Preparing your pelvic floor for childbirth using the Phoenix Heart ARISE™ program

This workshop is for pregnant women who want to prepare their pelvic floor muscles for childbirth.  

What we cover:
-Pelvic floor anatomy and function
-Perineal massage
-Guidance practicing neuromuscular exercises that will train your muscles open/yield to your baby in first stage of labor and effectively push in second stage of labor.  
-Isolation of muscles to promote urinary control
-Postpartum plan for long-term pelvic health

Fee includes Phoenix Heart kitand Preparing for Childbirth audio module:  Heart pillow, washable cover, healing insert, pelvic floor self-assessment guide, sowing seeds cards, blessed salt, re-birthday candle + audio module for home use.

Thursday, October 19, 6:30-9:00pm, $155, April's home in West Seattle (address to be sent out before workshop)
Thursday, December 7, 6:30-9:00pm, $155, April's home in West Seattle (address to be sent out before workshop)
*Phoenix Heart kit is required for the workshop.  If you already have one, you only pay $46.50 for the workshop.  Bring your heated Phoenix Heart pillow in an insulated carrier to the class!


After working with April in preparation for childbirth, she recommended I take home the Phoenix Heart ARISE program to fully prepare my mind, body, and spirit for one of the biggest moments of my life. Having experienced anxiety around the uncertainty of labor and motherhood, I found the meditation series to be deeply calming, allowing me to get present and in touch with my body, so that I could be grounded and relaxed during the intensity of childbirth. It also allowed me to center myself so that I  could counter my inner critic with a real presence of mind and connection to my baby. There were many high anxiety or tense moments leading up to childbirth that I was able to work thorugh with the help of the meditations. I went into childbirth knowing that I had a suite of powerful tools at my disposal and that I had fully prepared for the moment I was going to meet my baby. I am deeply grateful to April for sharing her wisdom and gifts, and I encourage all women to partake in the program.

--Michelle, Phoenix Heart ARISE Preparing for Childbirth module, Summer 2017


Healing the Healers: Intro to pelvic floor healing with the Phoenix Heart ARISE program

If you are a woman who serves or is inspired to serve women in any capacity - in the professions of healing, counseling, childbirth, fitness, wellness, empowerment etc - you are invited to attend this workshop.  I have designed this class for you to experience pelvic bowl healing so you can interact with women from this embodied place.  Increasing your health, clarity and confidence in this realm will inspire others to heal and be empowered.  Though this will be educational, it will not like being at a conference.  We will honor the divine feminine knowing in each of us by creating sacred space and allowing your own experience of this work teach you what you need to know.

Fee includes Phoenix Heart kit*:  Heart pillow, washable cover, healing insert, pelvic floor self-assessment guide (and unlimited access to print for yourself and your clients), sowing seeds cards, blessed salt, re-birthday candle.

-Learn anatomy and function of pelvic floor muscles
-Clear blockages and old experiences from the body
-Move into connection with your pelvic bowl so you can nurture other women to connect with theirs
-Develop and strengthen neuromuscular pathways to help with urinary control, releasing tension and coordinating pushing
-Experience how a collective of women can spread healing light around the world
-Gain unlimited, free access to print Pelvic Floor Self-Assessment brochure to give to others
-Add this modality to your personal and professional tookit

Saturday, Nov. 18th, 1-5p
, $222, Early bird registration is $199 before Oct 22, 2017!
Location: Limber Yoga, 7901 35th Ave SW, Seattle WA 98126, 2nd floor, above Swedish Automotive Office)
*Phoenix Heart kit is required for the workshop.  If you already have one, you only pay $113 for the workshop.  Bring your heated Phoenix Heart pillow in an insulated carrier to the class!

Nov 18, 2017


Teacher training to lead Phoenix Heart ARISE™  healing workshops

This class is designed for those who would like to lead others the ARISE Step by Step Visualization.  This training will enable you to hold this unique, healing workshop in a studio, home or wherever you're inspired to host a circle of women.  

-Learn a safe curriculm to facilitate healing and the raising up of the Sacred Feminine to balance this planet
-Learn how to hold space for women's healing while staying within your scope of practice
-Learn how to set up sacred space for women's gathering (including energetic clearing, altar creation, intention setting)
-Make money!  You can charge what you'd like for each workshop and that money is yours
-Have a Phoenix Heart ARISE (PHA) community of other teachers to support you

Fee includes: Etched Phoenix Heart ARISE glass votive, access to PHA marketing materials to help you promote your workshops, discounts on purchases, your name and site linked on so people can find your classes more easily.

Sunday, Nov. 19th, 12-5p, $155, Location TBD, Healing the Healers Intro class is prerequisite to this class
*Your Phoenix Heart kit is required for this workshop.  Bring your heated Phoenix Heart pillow in an insulated carrier to the class!



After experiencing the workshop, I have been so productive! During the visualization, I focused a lot on what has been blocking my work focus and causing me stress. I really released it all and visualized moving forward with freedom, support and confidence. I was able to visualize the spreading of white light energy all over the country with an army of angels supporting it. Now I feel clear, focused and very much at peace. 

I also feel I have a new openness to fully receive my husband's love. Thank you.

--Participant in a Phoenix Heart ARISE Workshop, Spring 2017


What a wonderful experience this was to sit in community with other women and transform! I came in with back pain. Although the meditation did not directly address my back, the pain resolved (burned up!) in the meditation. I appreciated this chance to drop into and honor my body and experience. I feel lighter in terms of my burdens with more energy and resolve to move through my days with courage and ease
no matter what comes.  Thank you, wise April!

--M.K., Participant in a Phoenix Heart ARISE Workshop, Winter 2017

FAQs for workshops

Who: Self-identifying women of any expression
Register: Via paypal 
Fees: per workshop; non-refundable, non-transferable* (exception only for on-call birth workers called into a birth)
If you are an on-call birth worker who gets called into a birth, you forfeit $75 for us reserving your spot but you are able to transfer the balance to the next workshop.
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 206-355-5639
Note: Please arrive on time, well fed and set aside this time to have your phone off.  We dive deeply in these workshops and all your attention is needed so you can attend to you.

Year of the Phoenix 

We launched the first Phoenix Heart ARISE™  healing workshop in alignment with the Lunar New Year celebration that started on January 27th.  2017 is the year of the female, red, fire, bird: Phoenix!  Though recognized as a Rooster year, it has female, fiery phoenix qualities that stoke our fires to help balance the unchecked masculine rooster forces.  These times demand that we ARISE to heal our feminine collective so we can feel our hope and trust in love.  This is not about fighting any fight.  It's about turning inward and healing ourselves so we can stand in our feminine power.  

Experiencing the Phoenix Heart and listening to Dr. Bolding's guided meditation was a real awakening for me.  It feels like the beginning of a new life.  I felt so held and nurtured as it lead me on a journey of true understanding.  I feel free in my body.  I have access to places that have been stuck for a long, long time.  This has led to a feeling of true happiness.

--M.C., Participant in a Phoenix Heart ARISE Workshop, Winter 2017


Phoenix - Feminine Rising

The Phoenix is a powerful, feminine force rising.

She is not a caretaker, but she will show you how to work with your power without apology.

She will remind you of what you've forgotten.

Birth – death – rebirth is her way.

She doesn't have time for nonsense.

She will come to your aid when you call but she will not do your work for you.

You are more capable than you ever let yourself imagine.

She is your reflection if you dare to see yourself as you really are.

And what of fire?

Fire is her life spark, her home, her nest where she burns all that doesn’t serve.

She finds others’ fear of fire curious.

She has shattered the illusion long ago that she could ever die.

Her freedom, fierceness, come from releasing that type of fear-mongering.

Embodying all her many trials, deaths and transformations is her nature.

Because she exists, the masculine force knows its place within the balance of All That Is.

The feminine is the life bringer and she lives in every one of us.

We call on her, the Phoenix within, not to live unscathed, but to be reborn again and again.

--April Bolding